By joining PipsbackFX Global Ltd, the Client has agreed to our Term of Service (ToS), and has the rights as mentioned below:

  1. PipsbackFX provides rebates to clients without changing trading conditions from our partner brokers, no markup spread /commissions on your trading transactions.
  2. Rebates is calculated based on commission percentage received by PipsbackFX,  percentage of  spread, persentage of trading commission or amount USD perlot, rebate percentage can vary for each broker.
  3. The rebates calculation is automatically performed by our system directly from our partner broker’s cabinet without any manupulation from our staff or admin.
  4. PipsbackFX reserves the right not to pay rebates if the broker cancels the commission that should be accepted by us, or the broker goes bankrupt.
  5. Updates rebate report and rebates payments may be delayed if under abnormal conditions, such as a problem with our payment system or member area website in the state of maintenance or development and other special conditions.
  6. PipsbackFX is not responsible for any rebate delivery errors caused by input error of payment system account number by client.
  7. The Client has the right to withdraw the rebate either partially or in full based on rebate balance.
  8. In case the client’s payment system is experiencing problems or is blocked, the client has the right to change the payment system.
  9. Rebate payments are not charged by PipsbackFX, but may be there are fees from the payment system selected by the client.
  10. Withdrawal of rebates will be processed within 30 minutes and maximum 3 working days if under normal conditions and not the occurrence of the things mentioned in point 5 above.
  11. The Client has the right to choose the payment system in accordance with that provided by PipsbackFX.
  12. Complaints about rebates payment issues will only be served after the limit of the point 9  mentioned above.
  13. PipsbackFX clients are not allowed to conduct trading activities that violate the rules of our partner brokers, in which case PipsbackFX reserves the right to cancel the rebate and remove the client’s trading account from our group.
  14. PipsbackFX reserves the right to block users to logging into MyPBFXmember area if the user is doing threats, saying rude to our support or admin. Before blocking all client rights ie rebate will be paid and client’s trading account will be removed from PipsbackFX Network.
  15. Each trading account must be added to the  member area MyPBFX. Delay in account added will result in some of your rebates being canceled, rebate history for late accounts added will only appear one week (7 days) backward since the account was added.
  16. Term Of Service is subject to change at any time without prior notice to the client.