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PipsbackFX is a Forex Rebates (Cashback) Provider of Trusted & Regulated Brokers

Founded by traders for traders with the mission of providing quality and reputable brokers in the trading world for the convenience and safety of clients' funds. We are not a forex broker and are not part of our partner brokers, and do not manage funds or investments from clients, by joining you have understood the risks of this trade which are listed at the bottom of this website. We serve client rebates since 2010, if any questions about us or our partner brokers please contact us

10+ Years

Provide Rebates


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Payment Systems

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Spread Markup

Up to 5%

Loyalty Bonus

6 Reasons for Choosing Us

26 Regulated Partner Brokers

We work with popular, regulated and trusted brokers and have a good reputation so that your funds are safe.

Highest Forex Rebate Rate

The highest forex rebate rates for all brokers reaches 85% of the IB commission without markup spread or changing trading conditions on our partner brokers.

Automatic & Manual Rebate Method

With automatic rebate method you do not have to request rebate withdrawal. The manual rebate method allows you to withdraw your rebate balance at any time.

Rebate Payment Systems

Flexible payment systems using wire transfer and popular e-currency such as Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, PayPal, Cryptocurrencies or directly to trading account.

Transparent Rebates Report

Our innovative system displays your rebate history in detail without any interference from our staff or admin, so it is very transparent, please try our demo system.

Reliable & Experienced Support

Our experienced and reliable support team in the forex industry will help and guide you through live chat and offline messaging.

How it Work?


Are you still paying high trading fees in the form of full spreads or commissions to the broker?, join our rebate program to get a partial return of the trading spreads or commissions that you have paid to the broker when making transactions.

We pay clients for every closing order both loss or profit, you may wonder where we get fund to pay for your rebates, we get commission from brokers for every client who open trading account through our partnership link without markup spread/commission of your order and does not change broker trading conditions, and we return the commission to you in the form of forex rebates base on rebate rates that we offer.

We provide forex rebates 80% of our revenue, besides that you also get up to 5% loyalty bonus and 1% reward points.

How Much your Rebates?

Cashback per lot:

  • Example pair: EURUSD
  • These result is approximate figure
  • Lot base on the contract size of each account type

How to Get Forex Rebates

Do You Have Existing Trading Account?

If you already have trading account of our partner brokers, you can get rebate by applying for IB transfer to our network, please send an email to the broker partnership section or connect your account to our IB code in the broker's member area system, you can see the instructions for moving IB here.

Rebate Payment Systems

Are you ready to earn forex rebates?