Term of Use

Before you start or continue using the PipsbackFX service, carefully read the terms of this Agreement, the terms of use of the PipsbackFX website and the personal data processing policy set in this document (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement).

Definition and Interpretation

  • Brokers: Companies that provide traders with access to trading platforms used to sel or buy forex, gold, silver and other online markets instruments .
  • Services: PipsbackFX offers rebate (cashback) services for your trading transactions at our partner brokers.
  • Rebate: Partial refund of trading spreads or commissions.
  • Clients: Individuals or legal entities who register on the PipsbackFX website and accept the current terms and conditions of the Agreement.
  • Blocked clients: Clients of PipsbackFX who were blocked due to violation of the current Agreement.
  • Spread: The difference between the Ask and Bid prices of the Financial Instrument at the same time.
  • Member area (MyPipsbackFX or MyPBFX): Client's personal area as a portal for viewing rebate history, trading account validation, withdrawing rebates and to access other available features.
  • Referral link (partner Link): A special link that clients use to attract clients (referrals) to join.

1. General Provisions

    PipsbackFX is not a broker and is not part of our partner brokers but is an independent entity, and does not manage investments or funds from clients. PipsbackFX is a global forex rebate service provider from several trusted and regulated forex brokers. The safety of your funds is our priority, which is why we only work with licensed brokers (Regulated Brokers) and under the supervision of the competent authorities in their countries.
    PipsbackFX does not cooperate with third parties such as signal providers, CopyTrade, PAMM, EA (trading robots) and the like. All client losses incurred by these parties are not our responsibility.
    PipsbackFX is not responsible for failure of payments (withdrawal) funds from the broker, but if it is proven that the client has not violated the broker's rules, PipsbackFX will help resolve this problem and all final decisions remain with the broker.
    PipsbackFX is not responsible for any client losses of forex or other market instruments trading activities at our partner brokers, either trading alone or traded by third parties.
    Clients are not allowed to carry out trading activities that violate the rules of our partner broker, in that case PipsbackFX has the right to cancel the rebate and remove the client's trading account from our group.

2. Trading Account Validation

    Trading account validation is processed within 15 minutes up to 1x24 working hours (Saturdays and Sundays are closed).
    Every new trading account created in the broker's personal area must be validated (added) in the member area MyPipsbackFX. Delay in account validation will result in part of the rebate being canceled, rebate history for accounts that are late in validation will only appear one week (7 days) back since the account was validated.
    Only validated trading accounts are entitled to get rebates, if the trading account status is "Failed" please request change IB to the broker.
    For trading accounts that move IB, the rebate is calculated from the time the client gets approval to move IB by the broker.
    Due to technical reasons, trading accounts that have been validated or added to the system cannot be deleted, whether the status are "Validated" or "Failed", but trading accounts can be archived if they are no longer used.

3. Rebates Calculation, Crediting and Payment

    PipsbackFX provides rebates to clients without changing the trading conditions of our partner brokers, there is no spread/commission markup on your trading transactions.
    Rebates are calculated based on the percentage of commissions received by PipsbackFX, either percentage of spread, persentage of trading commission or amount USD per lot, rebate percentage can vary for each broker..
    The rebates calculation is automatically performed by our system directly from our partner broker cabinet without any manipulation from our staff or admin.
    PipsbackFX has the right not to pay rebates if the broker cancels the commission that should be received by us for any reason, or the broker goes bankrupt.
    Rebate report updates and rebates payments can be delayed in case abnormal conditions, such as a problem with our payment system, member area under maintenance or development and other special conditions.
    Rebates are credited to the balance (MyPBFX Wallet) and rebate payments are automatically processed based on the rebate schedule that has been posted on our website.
    Rebate withdrawals manually from MyPBFX wallet (rebate balance), redeem points or affiliate commission withdrawals are processed by the finance department within 15 minutes to 2x24 working hours (Saturday and Sunday holidays).
    PipsbackFX is not responsible for a mistake in rebate delivery caused by an incorrect input of the payment system account number by the client.
    In case PipsbackFX finance department makes a mistake transferring the rebate to another user, the client is obliged to return the funds as an alternative, the client's rebate balance will be debited.
    In case the client's payment system experiences problems or is blocked, the client has the right to change the payment system.
    Rebate payments are not charged by PipsbackFX, but may be there are fees cnharged by the payment system chosen by the client.
    Complaints about late of rebate payments, redeem points or affiliate commission withdrawals can only be made after the deadline in point 3.7 mentioned above.

4. Data confidentiality

    PipsbackFX is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of client data including personal data, trading accounts, trade transactions, rebate transactions and payment system data stored in the member area.
    As an exception, PipsbackFX has the right at its sole discretion to provide access to client data in the member area to staff or admins in order to operate effectively and improve customer service.

5. Other Provisions

    PipsbackFX has the right to block a user from logging into the member area if the user makes threats, says harshly to our support or admin. Before blocking, all client rights i.e. rebates, affiliate commissions will be paid and the client's trading account will be removed from the PipsbackFX group.
    If a client wants to close the PipsbackFX member area profile, they can contact the support team during business hours.
    PipsbackFX does not provide services to residents of the United States of America and any country or jurisdiction where trading in forex or other market instruments is not allow to local laws or regulations.
    These terms of use may change at any time without prior notification, but will be announced on the PipsbackFX official website.
Last revision: 2023-06-10