OctaFX IB Commission Scheme

OctaFX pays IB commission up to 12 USD per lot. The amount of IB commission paid is determined according to the IB commission scheme so that rebates paid follow the scheme which is 80% of the commission received by us, our rebate reporting system will automatically adjust if there is a change in increase or decrease of commission from OctaFX, below is the  OctaFXIB commission scheme :

Rank IB Amout Active Client IB Commissiom Rebate 80%
1 0 – 4 $1 $0.8
2 5 – 14 $3 $2.4
3 15 – 29 $6 $4.8
4 30 – 59 $9 $7.2
5 > 60 $12 $9.6

What does “Active Client” mean?

“Active Clients” are client accounts that have cumulative personal funds of 100 USD or more in all of their accounts AND have at least 5 valid orders that have been closed for the last 30 days from the current date.

What is “Valid Order” in the IB program?

IB commission is paid for valid orders only. A valid order must fulfill ALL of the following conditions:

  • The trade at least 180 seconds;
  • Difference between open price and closed price of an order equal to or more than 30 points (pips in 4-digit precision terms);
  • Orders are neither opened not closed by partially closing and / or closing several directly.