Affiliate Overview

Earn additional income by following our affiliate program, you will get forex rebates and will also earn commissions from every client or member you invite to join PipsbackFX.

You will get 10% for your direct referrals clients (tier 1), 2% for tier 2 and 1% for tier 3. Affiliate commissions are calculated based on the amount of rebates paid to your referral clients without reducing the rebate received by the referral client.

How to Join Affiliate Program?

  1. If you are not yet a member of PipsbackFX, please sign up first, your affiliate program will automatically activated.
  2. After login to MyPBFX you will get your referral links, banners and other promotional tools that can be used to attract refferal clients .
  3. Referral clients and affiliate commission report can be seen in member area.
  4. Affiliate commissions are credited at the beginning of each month and ready to withdraw using the available system.